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Weight Loss & IV Therapy in Brighton, CO

Weight Loss & IV Therapy

It’s normal to feel under the weather from time to time. But there’s no need to suffer from vitamin deficiency, dehydration, fatigue, and bloating any longer! Weight loss and IV therapy services at Silk & Co. Medical Aesthetics and Spa offer a much-needed boost when you’re not feeling your best or looking to support your weight loss efforts.

Weight Loss Therapy

What is Weight Loss & IV Therapy?

IV therapy (or intravenous IV therapy) offers a way to safely and effectively deliver fluids, vitamins, and nutrients directly into your bloodstream. IV therapy involves placing a special catheter into a vein on your arm. Your body requires essential vitamins, nutrients, and minerals to function properly, which IV therapy effortlessly provides without passing the digestive system. Because of this, IV therapy allows for maximum absorption of nutrients without the stomach irritation so often associated with regular vitamin intake. At Silk & Co., we offer the following types of IV therapy:

Recovery Hydration

This IV service includes a blend of IV fluids and electrolytes formulated for quick hydration, leaving you feeling revitalized and refreshed. This option is great before or after races, marathons, or any physically taxing event.

Spotlight Tight and Bright

This IV Includes normal saline IV fluid, vitamins, and antioxidants that detoxify your body and improve your complexion to help you look and feel your best. Ingredients include B-Complex Vitamins, Vitamin B12, Vitamin C, Biotin, and Glutathione Push.

Boost Immune

If you need to boost your immunity or kick that cold in a hurry, this IV treatment was designed for you. Includes B-complex, vitamins C and D3, Zinc, and Glutathione, infused into one liter of normal saline. This will help cleanse your body and supercharge your immune system to fight off illness.

Hangin’ Hard

You can turn a dreadful night of drinking around with an IV hydration treatment combined with B-Complex vitamins (which are depleted with alcohol consumption), nausea, and anti-inflammatory medication. You really can beat that stubborn hangover in less than an hour! It’s the same prescribed treatment the doctors and nursing staff use in the emergency room at a fraction of the cost.

Myer’s Cocktail

The Myers Cocktail is a hydration treatment supercharged with multiple vitamins and minerals like B Complex, B12, Vitamin C, Calcium, and Magnesium. This is rapidly absorbed, allowing your body to recover and readjust much faster than any over-the-counter medication. This IV option is great for mental and physical exhaustion, fatigue, migraines, muscle spasms, fibromyalgia, and even jet lag.

Trim and Slim

Our Trim and Slim IV therapy Includes a blend of fluids, vitamins, and amino acids designed to help boost your metabolism, detoxify your body, and burn fat. Ingredients include B-Complex, B12, vitamin C, Lipolean, and L Carnitine.

Benefits of IV Therapy

Silk & Co. IV therapy effectively delivers high-quality vitamins and nutrients directly to your bloodstream.

Benefits of IV therapy include:

  • Hydration
  • Immune system support
  • Aid with jet lag
  • Enhanced metabolism
  • Improved athletic performance and recovery
  • Enhanced metabolism
  • Increased energy
  • Improves hydration
  • Provides essential vitamins and nutrients
  • Aids with hangover recovery
  • Improves symptoms of cold and flu

Weight Loss Adjuncts

In addition to our IV Therapies, we offer the following weight loss adjuncts to help promote and support your health and weight loss. Enhance your weight loss journey by receiving one of the following services.

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Are You a Candidate for Weight Loss & IV Therapy?

IV therapy is a great option for those looking to improve their energy, speed up their metabolism, hydrate their body, and enhance their immune and digestive health. However, we recommend consulting with one of our professionals before deciding whether Phentermine and other weight loss adjuncts are for you.

FAQs About Weight Loss & IV Therapy

Although Phentermine is one of the most popular weight loss medications, there are some individuals who Phentermine may not be right for. As always, one of our trained professionals at Silk & Co. can help you determine your ultimate candidacy.

IV therapy is administered through a catheter that is quickly and expertly placed by one of our technicians. You may feel a quick prick when your IV is first being placed. However, you can expect a pain-free and comfortable overall IV therapy experience.

IV therapy is an effective and safe procedure that has many benefits. There are no side effects associated with IV therapy. You may notice a slight bruise at the site of IV injection and, in rare cases, mild nausea.

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Elevate the Skin You’re In

At Silk & Co., you’ll find an IV therapy that works for you. Whether you’re looking to combat a hangover, feel better more frequently, or assist your body in your weight loss goals, we’ve got a solution that’s right for you. To learn more about our IV therapy solutions, or to schedule your consultation today, click the link below!


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